Sean Lourdes

Sean Lourdes is a futurist, a passionate champion for youth and social responsibility. As Chairman of The Lourdes Foundation, an organization dedicated to empowering others, and President of the 60-year-old publishing giant Auge Media, Lourdes leads with an indomitable Sense of Purpose. Inspired by a meeting with the Dalai Lama in 2012, Lourdes felt called to share his Holiness’ message of tolerance and compassion with others. Demonstrating rare conviction, with little more than a dream, a blessing, and a host of naysayers, Lourdes hosted two groundbreaking events, the largest at the Los Angeles Forum included 15,000 Angelinos and a group of 5000 children brought in by his foundation. Many thousands of lives were touched, even changed by this once in a lifetime opportunity and the Dalai Lama no longer addresses public audiences. Lourdes is following up the visit with a documentary, and a celebratory book on Los Angeles. Both which are nearing completion.

Humanitarian work might not be the expected path for the third generation heir to a global media conglomerate. However, Sean Lourdes’ life has never been typical. A mini ambassador, born in Los Angeles, growing up in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and New Zealand, the Lourdes family worked alongside Prime Ministers, Presidents, and Royalty. Through these early interactions Lourdes discovered all have the ability to inspire, and work for positive change. Finishing up his time in New Zealand, Lourdes attended the prestigious Kings School before matriculating at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy back in the States. A B.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Nevertheless, it is the culmination of all Sean Lourdes’ life and learning experiences that have deepened his resolve to identify and create opportunities for disfranchised youth.

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