Anthony Melikhov

A native of Misnk, Belarus, Anthony Melikhov came to the United States in 1989, where he Co-Founded and served as President of Sagmel, Inc., an Illinois-based company that developed, manufactured and distributed OTC pharmaceutical and wellness products on a global scale.. After spending a reflective, educational and enlightening year deep in the jungles of Panama, Melikhov returned to the United States with the purpose of using his vast accumulated resources to aid, teach and empower people to better their communities, to extend kindness to one another and to focus on positivity as a source of overall well-being.

In 2010, he founded Bright Future International (BFI), a non-profit that creates hands- on programs which promote empathy, understanding and morality amongst children and adults worldwide. As the successful BFI curriculum grew, Melikhov felt the need to expand the message to impact humanity on a grander scale. In 2013, he assembled a team of international leaders, celebrities and influencers to champion his vision for change, thereby creating the Unite 4:Good movement, which is designed to inspire charitable participation and acts of kindness on an international scale.

With Unite4:Good, Melikhov intends to create a revolutionary global movement that will facilitate a shift in the social consciousness from negative to positive by enabling people to give, inspire, empower and love. Via a multi-faceted and comprehensive approach to creating awareness – inclusive of innovative new social media technologies, high-profile and grass roots level events, the creation of a powerful charitable coalition and more – Melikhov’s model for change will bring together civic-minded youth, everyday individuals, non-profit organizations, small businesses, Fortune 500 companies, community and world leaders, celebrities and powerful influencers from the areas of finance, fashion and entertainment amongst many others. Melikhov has pledged his time, resources and energy to the Unite4:Good movement, and currently serves as a hands-on, visionary leader to the movement. He lives by the principle that if what he has accumulated is used for good, the positivity will come back to him infinitely.

Melikhov is based in Illinois, where he lives with his wife Marina. They have one daughter, Olivia.

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