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“International organization The Lourdes Foundation, which aims to empower today’s youth into tomorrow’s future leaders, hosted His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in Los Angeles for a special two-day visit. The event commenced as a public discussion at The Forum on February 25, 2014, followed by a Q&A session with Ann Curry on February 26 at the California Science Center. VIP attendees included Jim Carrey, Lupita Nyong’o, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria, and Constance Zimmer, among others.” – LA Confidential

Our Work


The mission of The Lourdes Foundation is to transform the world by providing opportunities and services that enable positive social change. Together, we are building a vision for a brighter future, by offering educational programs and resources to disadvantaged youth.


At The Lourdes Foundation, we envision a world without boundaries or limitations — one in which children are comprehensively supported in all aspects of their growth, so that they can become who they are uniquely meant to be.

The three components of our program are designed to meet a range of needs within our selected communities:

1. Talent and Training

Through our “Eyes of the World” program, we work with children in underserved areas, helping them to discover and develop skills to realize their talents and professional aspirations. We help propel them toward an inspiring future by providing them with the resources and the guidance to make their dreams come true, thereby empowering them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

2. Funding and Relief Services

We seek to identify and assess the needs of our youth and create a stable and secure foundation for their lives by providing housing, hunger relief, and opportunities for educational advancement. Our aim is to work with them to establish and maintain a state of self-sufficiency, so they may move forward in life and begin their journey to success.

3.Global Expansion and Outreach

City by city, our goal is to gradually extend our efforts internationally. Ultimately, we seek to create a global community of effective leaders and visionaries who will continue to “pay forward” the tradition of mentoring youth in underserved and disadvantaged areas around the world. This community will not only inspire, educate, and lead, but will help transcend cultural stereotypes while building meaningful connections around the globe.


Children are the eyes of the world. Be the vision for their future.

Children are the eyes of our world. Their dreams are our hope for tomorrow. We need them to believe that anything is possible.

Unfortunately, there are many children who believe their dreams will never come true. This is because they lack the opportunities, mentorship and support necessary to foster their creativity and encourage their ambitions.

At Eyes of the World, we give children more than just the basic essentials to survive, we give them the inspiration to thrive. In Los Angeles, we are currently teaming up with the LAUSD school system to connect students with mentors in various artistic fields, from photography to writing to design and architecture. Our program will not only help children develop their creativity, it will teach them core skills and values essential for success throughout their lives.

Our plan is to expand globally. We will network with educational programs around the world to give underprivileged children the guidance and tools they need to achieve their dreams. When we inspire children, we inspire everyone.

Children are the eyes of the world. Let’s give them the vision to see their future.


Ways to give:

Empower people around the world to live their dreams.

Please join us in establishing this miracle revolution. Initial funding will go toward curriculum development, operations costs associated with the initial “Eyes of the World” training in Los Angeles and supporting the Los Angeles School Education reform programs assisting LAUSD as well as the CalArts Community Arts Partnership (CAP). Depending on the amount of funding raised, the Lourdes Foundation would be able to serve more youth and/or establish more programs that will let more miracles of self-realization occur.

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